Pruning Camelias and Azaleas

actionbiz(East Texas)May 21, 2005

Oh, my! They are growing so fast and it's getting really hot. I need to do a bit of pruning, especially on my camelias, which are turning into uncontrolled giants! Can someone in the know provide some advice on how to prune (where to cut), while minimizing damage to next year's blooms? Blooming took place early to mid-April. Is it still safe to prune?

Thanks for the advice!

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I'm no camelia expert, but if they've just finished blooming you should be able to prune now. They flower the next time on growth they've made after flowering, so there should still be time. I think it's unfortunate that you feel the need to prune , but if they're in a relatively small space, you may have to prune. I think they're at there best, when they're allowed to grow to their full potential , but that's just me I guess and some will grow into small trees. We had a white japonica in CA that was as tall as the house and as wide as a small tree, and that would have hundreds of blossoms at at time, though it was prune to the bud problem.

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