pruning a camellia?

loveofmylife680(z7)May 25, 2005

I have a pink camellia that I'm guessing is at least 20 yrs old, because the people we bought the house from lived there 50 years, it is as tall as our house at the pitch of the roof, the problem is one side is bare and I would like to prune it down so it will get full all around.It only gets morning sun, shade the rest of the hot part of the day . Does anyone have experience with doing a drastic pruning in zone seven.

thanks Jill

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I'm not a very experienced gardener, but I "inherited" 9 camellias with the house that are about 40 years old, and I am also in zone 7. I have pruned 6 of them as close to the ground as I can get with a pair of anvil loppers, and all have bounced back very nicely, even the ones I pruned to the ground.

I understand that the best time of year to do this is just after the plant blooms, and before it sets its new growth, so you'll probably want to wait until next year.

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thanks for the info it wont hurt it to go ahead and prune now just no blooms next year ? Because is is not pretty the way it looks now.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

If you don't see any buds yet in the leaf nodes, then you may be okay to prune and still get some flowering on the remaining stems including any new growth that you keep there.

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