Help with camellia siting

kailleanmMay 17, 2007


I purchased a Camellia Japonica 'Betty Ridley' on impulse, and now I have to decide what to do with it. Camellia's are new to me.

I have read conflicting advice about best planting sites. Some say morning sun, afternoon shade. Others say no morning sun to protect frosty buds from warming too quickly, and suggest a west facing site.

Can anyone please offer advice. I have numerous places I could situate this Camellia as we are redoing the yard of our new-to-us house.

Also, what is the growth rate? I know they're slow, but how slow (in rough inches per year). Do they get wide, or mainly upright. The tag on the plant says upright habit.

Any advice most welcome.



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Hello, Kaillean. Here is a quote from the American Camellia Society:

Most camellias grow and produce better flowers in partial shade (4 hrs of sun or so). Plants located in full sun often are less dormant during warm periods of the winter and may suffer damage if cold weather follows. Plants in a northern or western exposure of a building or fence or otherwise protected from intense morning sun will usually stand more cold weather than those in an eastern or southern exposure.


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Camellias

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Thanks a lot Luis!

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