where to buy Camellias?

rath08May 21, 2008

I am specifically looking for the following types, not sure where to find these, any info would be helpful.


C. japonica (april rose)

C. sassanqua

C. vernalis cultivar or 'yuletide'


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sorry, I forgot to mention we live in east side (Issaquah, WA)

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April Rose is available mail order from several mechants, including Camellia Forest Nursery and Cloud Mountain Farm Nursery in Everson, WA.

Yuletide is very common in local nurseries so you might investigate if any in your area carry it or can even order it for you (a common request in the trade). Lowes, HD and many local nurseries carry sasanqua cultivars so check them out too; in years past, I saw Yuletide for sale at Lowes. Do be advised that this time of the year, camellia selections may not be as big as in the winter. Camforest carries Yuletide in their website.

Other varieties of vernalis, such as Dawn, Shibori-egao, etc may be more difficult to find due to smaller sales volumes on them. Check the above nurseries and Internet Search Engines to see which you can find; many links probably are for wholesalers but you could tell a local nursery if they can contact the wholesaler in your behalf.


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