Giant Milkweeds- can Calotropis do well indoors-artificial light?

acg85July 30, 2014

Has anyone grown either of the "giant" milkweeds (Calotropis gigantea and C. procera) exclusively indoors under artificial lighting?

It sounds like the huge leaves of Calotropis might make things easier as an abundant host food for monarch cats. (No choice but to grow indoors.)

Comments and suggestions welcomed. Some questions that come to mind - Would these plants be expected to do well indoors all the time (~72-80ÃÂF)? How large a container (if kept pruned)? Or are they just too big? Are they very fast growers? Do the the leaf-hairs get airborne and are they irritating to people or pets?

Mainly, though, do cuttings in water, or single leaves last a relatively long time (while being consumed, of course)?


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I do know that Calotropis takes well from cuttings, so keeping fresh food in water is no problem. However, Calotropis gets really large and needs a big container, at least a 15 gal. I do not know how they handle being potbound.
I would suggest something a little easier to contain like Tropical Milkweed.

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Great about the leaves/cuttings staying well. Yep, have been growing A. curassavica indoors each year, and thinking one bigger plant with bigger leaves might be less work than several tropicals. Thanks.

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