Camellia in trouble! Please help with suggestions

stever17May 3, 2014


When we bought our house years ago we inherited a beautiful camellia. It is positioned perfectly in our backyard up against our house, we've had several landscapers remark as to how surprising it is to see one of this size in the northeast with winters as bad as they are. This past winter in particular took a toll on our camellia and it is looking like it's damaged and I'm not sure if it will recover or not, which is why i need your help. I'm unsure if i should leave it be and see if it will rebound on it's own,or if there is something i can do to help promote recovery, or worst case is it a goner...we have a handful of blooms (only like 3-6) but hopefully that means there is still a chance of recovery. I've included a picture from last year when it was looking good, and then i'll send separate posts with a few from today so you can see what i'm dealing with. thanks for your help.


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here is one pic from today

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last one.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

that's practically nothing in the grand scheme of damage from this winter
just leave it alone, completely, it will recover

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sit on your hands and be patient. It's too early to tell what the future holds for your camellia. Remember.....fertilizer is not medicine!

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Cold-damaged camellias are never a pretty sight, but yours doesn't look too bad, really. Am guessing it must be situated in a nice little microclimate in your yard.

If you haven't seen new growth yet, be patient and wait for warmer weather. Those brown leaves should soon be replaced by new leaves (a lot of varieties have bronze-colored new growth, so don't worry- it'll turn greeen, if so).

Wait until you see where the new growth is before you try to prune away any dead wood.

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You can discard some of those brown buds. It is not likely they will bloom this late in the season. But if you think they might, give them a light tug with your hand and discard them if they fall down (leave them if they do not fall).

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