my first camellia, what do I do with it?

vaherbmomMay 9, 2007

I bought this camellia at the garden center but the tag actually says "tree peony." Does that mean it's not really a camellia?

It is in a 2 gallon pot and is very healthy, but the place where I want to put it is not ready, it is being graded and prepared, how long can I leave the camellia in the pot without compromising it?

thanks for answers to my dumb questions!

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Hello, vaherbmom. I am not sure anyone has measured how long it takes a camellia to become root bound in a 2g pot.....

Regarding the tag, I wonder if the camellia you bought is a standard (sometimes referred to as tree-like because of the shape) whose flowers resemble peonies? If you post pictures of the plant label, the plant itself, close-up of the leaves and (any) flowers, we can try to guess if it is indeed a camellia.

Until the planting location is ready, you can dig a hole and place the pot in the ground. Or you can just leave it in the pot above ground for a few (1-3?) months. That is what the nursery would have done anyway. They grow very slowly, which is good in this situation. If it will take more than that, I would temporarily re-pot it to a 3g pot. If at any time you notice that it is root bound, take appropriate action.

Does that help you?

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Chinese tree peonies are varieties of Paeonia suffruticosa. Tree peonies are deciduous and will loose their leaves in the winter. Their flowers are very large and attractive. I believe mine usually blooms in late May. They are relatively easy to grow. I know I don't do anything special with mine and it blooms readily every year.--They are one of the preferred flowers in a traditional Chinese garden (often depicted in Chinese art).

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

So, you are certain that it's a camellia and NOT a peony? Can you attach a picture of your new plant?

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