Where to buy camellias?

brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)May 30, 2007

Can someone recommend a website w/ lots of pics? I have bought some from Camellia forest nursery but their site lacks pics. What colors do camellias come in? I know red and white and striped and cream and lots of shades of pink, what about apricot or peach colors? Please share some good sources for camellias. thanks, Brandy

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Camellia flowers have many forms: single, semi double, anemone, peony and formal double. They come in red, pink, white and yellow colors. They also have some striped varieties (white with either a shade of pink or red). Japonica and SasanquaÂs reach 7-12 feet high, 5-7 feet wide. Japonicas are typically upright with a pyramidal form while SasanquaÂs are usually more columnar and spreading.

A webite that has lots of pictures is Monrovia's: www.monrovia.com. Click on "Advanced Search". On the next page, type "camellia" in SEARCH BY KEYWORD and click the GO Button. Or set SELECT CATEGORY to CAMELLIAS, enter any other search parameters and click the GO Button at the bottom.


Here is a link that might be useful: Monrovia Advanced Search Webpage

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

Thank you, Luis. I was able to look up 2 of the ones I have. And I found one I like- Bonanza, too bad it is not available anywhere around here. Brandy

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Hello, brandyray. I have ordered Monrovia products before by special order from a local nursery that carries Monrovia products. Although this local company carries some of Monrovia's camellias, I have had to special order some that they do not always carry. Ask/look around in NC because Bonanza is a common variety. I have even seen it at HD and Lowe's in past years. This is not the time of year when nurseries stock up with camellias but look around locally before special ordering or mail/Internet ordering. If you have HD Landscape outlets in NC, check those too. Luis

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

Thank you for the ideas. Realistically, the last thing I need is any add'l plants to plant and tend to this time of the year! I will wait till fall. Meanwhile, maybe some others will write in w/ places to look at pics and/or order from. Brandy

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Indigo Nursery near Pauley's Island, SC has fantastic variety of large plants at very nice prices. Also, you cold make a day trip to Camellia Forest in Chapel Hill - David Parks has it all.

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