What's growing on around here?

mcpeg(5a)March 24, 2011

Do tell - any indoor seed starters?

I've got 'indoor' tomato plants starting to produce tomatoes.


all sorts of peppers

red asparagus

corriander/cilantro (need to sow every two weeks)




garlic (from purchased garlic buds that started to sprout)

false indigo

sea holly



Starting to plant more seeds (6-8 week indoor starts do them now)

tomatoes - assorted

corn - not a huge amount, first time growing





shasta daisy

and more - can't recall what's in my seed box now.

tobacco - Hubby ordered the seeds. So hubby is learning about planting them and he's going to learn how to make garden beds in the other field (don't grow tobacco near tomatoes, potatoes etc). How much work it is to keep it all weed free (tobacco hates competition) and how hard it is to haul the water when your hose doesn't reach (he'll probably rig something up on the back of the truck....not my cuppa tea at all. I'm a non-smoker. At least there will not be the pesticides sprayed on the leaves. Now that his smokes have been transferred from the US farmers to Mexico I don't know how much more pesticides they use.

Do tell - what the heck is growing on around here?



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For one, the caudiciform grapes are waking up, so much so it forced me to repot it.

A pupping Agave pumila

Multi-heading Aeonium rubrolineatum

And a pupped Sansevieria masoniana

Let's not forget the Adenium hybrid which never lost its leaves throughout winter.

I'd tell you that the lilacs, birches, Amur cherries and hawthorns are budded up, and that's a fact, but I'd be possibly fibbing on everything else in the ground - it's covered with falling-as-we-speak snow.

I've got to be more like you and grow stuff from seeds! I have some sunflowers and some seed plug greenhouses - time to get them out, I reckon.

So no indoor-seed-starter yet, but your post may have given me impetus to do so, so thanks much.

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Peggy: Well let me see; I have growing as we speak, Calla Lilly, Penstemon, Hardy gloxinia, Wave Petunias, Columbine, Pink Delphinium, Hellebores, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Hollyhock, Pink and White Lavatera, Midget Coreopsis, Asparagus fern, Oriental Poppies,and Amaryllis seedlings. I have yet to plant my vegetables but will be getting around to that in about 1-2 weeks time. I have many more seeds planted but which have yet to show any signs of germination...so I wait.Happy Gardening. Ross.

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Hi Peggy,

I'm an indoor seed starter, can't wait to be in the garden playing with dirt! This year we've started:

Indoor sown Flowers:

Shasta Daisy
Hanging baskets (big assortment of stuff in these)

Winter sown (my first time, we'll see how it goes):
Shasta Daisy

Sweet Peppers
Hot peppers

Got a few more to pot up next weekend as well. Happy gardening!

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Wow, Peggy, tomatoes starting to form on your plants. That is something. good for you! :) I am just starting to plant tomatoes. Three kinds so far-Mountain Princess, Kellogg's
Breakfast and one with no name but it is from seeds that one of my customers gave me from a huge, red tomato that she said had been grown from seeds that one of her relatives had brought over from Portugal. I grew it last year and the plant and tomatoes were huge, but the groundhog ate or ruined almost all of them. The KB was planted on the twenty first and is just showing through the soil a little bit today. The other two were planted on the twenty second and so should sprout either tomorrow or over the weekend. I have a few more varieties that I want to grow this year, but will start them over the next couple of weeks.
I also have planted several kinds of peppers-sweet apple, mini yellow and orange sun--hot cherry bomb, fish, cayenne, medusa and explosive embers--hmm not sure what others right now--too lazy to go and look :) I may grow a couple of other varieties but just haven't made up my mind for sure.
anyway I also have night blooming jessamine, heliotrope, abutilon, ageratum, datura-triple yellow and lilac lafleur, three cannas (from seed) and a castor bean and four dahlias (from seed--checking germination on older seeds)
along with those I am also potting up brug cuttings and coleus and plectranthus(mona lavender) cuttings.

The majority of my planting has been wintersown. All the containers are outside waiting for some warm temps to get them started. :)

cactusmcharris I like the pics of your unusual plants. I love unusual! :)

Ross, you reminded me that I have my calla lily 'in storage' so will have to make sure it is potted up in time to go out to the garden.

donka nice list! I have WS nicotiana, petunias, foxglove, larkspur, poppies(annual) and lupines along with lots of others and am still not done.

so.......anyone else? :)

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I'm at the same stage as Ross: some sprouted, most waiting, most veggies not planting until mid-April. Some containers outside in the cold frame, some still in the 'fridge.

Here's what's sprouted:

- Parsley
- Rosemary
- potato (yes, from true seed)
- Begonia grandis (hardy)
- Penstemon strictus
- Matthiola bicornis (eve. scented stock)
- Lupinus arborea (from 'snow queen')
- Laburnum anagyroides (Goldenchain tree)
- Nepeta parnassica
- Phlomis tuberosa
- Lilium (asiatic?) seed from black / red variety
- Echium pininana (Tower of Jewels)
- Petunia 'Prism sunshine'
- Pennisetum glaucum (from 'Purple Majesty')
- Libertia grandiflora (only one...)
- Monarda hyb.'Bergamo'
- panicum virgatum from 'rotstrahlbusch' (they won't come true but may still be red)

Nice thread. Very motivating...

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I'm happy to report I started a bunch of sunflowers and some nasturtium, along with some cosmos, in those little miniature plastic-lidded greenhouses. We'll see....

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I am almost exclusively a winter sower and have just planted my 35th container. They are all perennials with the exception of bunching onions and lettuce. Next week, I will start on more cold-hardy herbs and veggies, and the hardier annuals. The only seeds I start indoors are peppers and tomatoes. I germinate them between coffee filters, then transfer them to pots under lights. I have started 9 different types of peppers - two had sprouted today. Next week I will start my tomatoes. I also start my Yvonne's Salvia indoors so I get earlier blooms and can collect seeds. Later in April I will bring up my overwintered pots: dahlias,begonias, oxalis,etc. and pot up my Canna tubers. Lots of work to be done yet. I envy those of you who can actually put things in the ground already. We had snow one day this week, but are expecting two days of rain, which we really need. Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt! Lovely indoor plants, Cactusmcharris. Do you put them outdoors in the summer?

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I recently added a sanserveria to my collection of succulents. Ive tons in my basement just growing happily under lights. Can't wait to put them out! I've purchased a living wall container kit from Lowes in the States last summer and will be putting many of my echeverias, sedums and sempervivums in this kit. I also have nice sized kalanchoe to put out.

I've managed to locate a local mail order for succulents, unfortunately it is still the mailing costs that kills. It's far more than the cost of the plant! go figure.

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14 varieties of peppers and (gulp) 29 varieties of tomatos started here. Also a few leeks and some groundcherries.

Germination on my peppers has been pretty spotty sadly (might be a combo of questionable seed and jiffy's peat pellets being a bit chunky).

Tomatos are sprouting nicely. Leeks aren't up yet (only sowed 2 days ago).

All of the indoor action is helping me forget about the 3 feet of snow still sitting on the ground outside. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Homesteading Adventures

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Hi again!
Everyone has been super busy. Our snow is gone, the ground is starting to warm but too cold yet for planting. According to the weather forecast the 3rd week of April I can start sowing cold weather vegetables outside. Time for me to get out and start measuring up new garden beds. Being a new build home - I'm taking photos and journalling my efforts.

Starting a schedule of seeds indoors now for planting out. My tomato from January are now producing tomato (none ripe, many the size of peas). These will probably stay indoors for some time. Starting indoors now:

tomato - various varieties
brussel sprouts

flowers - gaillardia,
more sea holly,
shasta daisy,
malope/malva/lavatera family of seeds

Hopefully I'll get off my butt and build a few cold frames for outside to help harden off my plants. I'll have to get some rebar to move my 4 tier cold frame (comes with plastic cover) outside. With the winds that can whip up around here it would become a kite in no time, it has to be secured outside.

Jason I've looked at your site - we're working on becoming more self sufficient too. Your articles are very interesting - thanks for sharing.

Northerner_On - you've just reminded me I have Salvia seed in a box from moving - literally. The gathered seeds got jostled so much in there I need to empty the box and shake the seeds out onto news print.

Everyone is so busy - isn't this wonderful?

Enjoy your day, spring is here and I just saw my first blue jay this morning return to our clump of trees they stay in. DH saw a large grouping of Golden Eagles in trees last couple of days. Wow!

Ta ta for now,

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