mine-no-yuki camillia

monroega(7b)May 20, 2005

Would like to plant a semi-circular hedge to conceal my AC/Heater unit against my house. I already have seven 3-gallon 'mine-no-yuki' camellias and would love to use them there. Can they be trained into a hedge and if so, how far apart should I plant them. Thanks for your help.

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Excellent choice! 'Mine-no-yuki' is bushy and versatile and durable -- easy to shape into a hedge. How close to plant them depends on how quickly you want a thick hedge. You can plant them 2-3 feet apart, and thin later as they get larger, or 5-6 feet and wait for them to grow together. Keep the top trimmed to make them spread. I have about 20 of these all over my property in different heights and uses -- hedges, specimens, even espalier. I like the blanket of snow when they are in full bloom in the fall. Hard to beat.

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