have you stained GREY concrete pavers?

lucia_ca(z9 CA)March 16, 2010


Home Depot is having a sale on 12x12 concrete pavers....just 98 cents each.....the red ones are too loud for my garden and the grey ones are too....welll.....grey!.....

I'm wondering if I might have some success in staining them a brownish-beigey color. The stain can be mottled, I have a very rustic garden.

Anyone used an "organic" stain on pre-fab concrete pavers? .....or can you point me in the right research direction?

thanks in advance!

----lucia in coco county

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Check on hgtv.com or diynetwork.com they might have some instructions.
I've seen it done on some shows.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I bought some concrete stain and stained some myself--didn't get much color even after several coats. You could get creative and tile them with broken tiles (or even regular tiles). There's some forum here where people do a lot of creative crafty type stuff, you might get some ideas there...garden junk, garden art, something like that.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I "stain" my regular gray concrete with diluted acrylic paint. It only lasts a few years, though. If you get the craft paint in moss green, water it down, and lightly stain the edges it looks just like moss :).
You can use a variety of colors to get an aged effect: a wash of dilute white latex or acrylic paint will make it look like it has been oxidized over time.

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lucia_ca(z9 CA)

thanks for the ideas....I googled my question and one idea was to smear the pavers with "fresh" cow manure and wash it off after a couple of days......mmmmmmmmmm...........I think that might be too "organic" for me!!


I'm wondering if something along the lines of crushed berries, or coffee grounds or tea might work.....I'll look on the garden art forum, too.

thanks again,

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Try Iron Sulphate, the iron gives is a rusted appearance which is permanent.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to usage instructions

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Lucia- I just thought of something else that stains REALLY WELL.
Walnut husks.
You know the green shell on the outside of a walnut? When the squirrels nibble little pieces of it off all over my patio the dark brown stains last for years.

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I would think any food item that stains bad as you mentioned would work. Maybe immersing them in tea might work. At that price you can afford to experiment with a few.
But also think about the sun bleaching them out...eventually.

Thats a good idea Renee!

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I stained a concrete floor. It looks good and received many compliments but the trick with concrete stain is that it must be used on "fresh" concrete. My floor was about a year old when I applied the stain. I finished the floor with a wax and buffed it out. Still looks good and it's been 5 years. Good luck!

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Lucia, you might also want to check out Sunset magazine online at sunset.com (I think). I seem to recall seeing something there about staining pavers different colors in a small yard. It might have been one of their "weekend projects."

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Iron suphate it turns out only gives that nice Tuscany look to new concrete. So,just some advice to those with old cement..it wont give you that great look. Unless I did something wrong-and thats very possible.

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