camellia lost leaves

dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)May 8, 2009

Last Spring I planted a 2-3'camellia -- pink icicle, I think. Spring blooming anyway. It lost most of the leaves (except bottom and top) I seem to recall already before the winter. Nevertheless it came through the winter fine, and bloomed a few weeks ago with the prettiest pink flowers. Now it's standing there bare bellied, and I'm wondering what I can do to help it grow leaves.

In the meantime, I moved it a bit from its original location during blooming.

I've fed it hollytone, and it's been raining a lot. It's nicely mulched.

what else can I do? I think one or two of the remaining leaves are turning brown.

thanks for any help.

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My camellia loses some of its leaves as well if a winter is severe, probably because I neglect it alot. Either way after it flowers it makes lots of new leaves on the tips of the branches. Sometimes it takes a little time and you have to just wait. If your plant flowered it should be heathly enough to make new leaves.

Good luck.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sounds like this plant has been moved often enough to prevent or delay proper root establishment.

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dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)

It does have leaf buds at the tips. But what about the bare stems? Should I cut it back if it will promote fullness?

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You can leave the dead stems, but it would look better if you cut it until you reach a live one. Mine also occasionally has a bare stem and i just let the healthy stems full up over the dead ones when they grow in the spring.

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dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)


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