Last Frost Date stats?

rouge21_gw(5)March 20, 2013

Doing a google search one is able to pull up such information for some Canadian cities but I was thinking it should be available for most if not all population centres in Canada. However I don't see it on the Weather Network site. Have you seen such data?

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Is this what you mean?

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That shows some of the towns and cities but not enough. I did make contact with "Environment Canada" and they directed me to a site giving many more locations with "First and Last Frost dates".

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rouge21 could you share the site with us ...please? :-)

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The last time this data set was calculated was for the 1951-1980. However Environment Canada will be including updated info ie 1981-2010 sometime this year.

The 1951-1980 Canadian Climate Normals Volume 6 - Frost is available at an FTP site.

(It appears I cant give this link in a GW post as it begins with ftp and not http. Message me and I will reply with the location)

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