Camellia Magnoliaeflora

jbfoodie(z10 CA)June 24, 2005

Does anyone grow this? I am planning to purchase it soon, but I would like to know how fast it grows and how tall. How does it do in sun? I have 2 spots in which to plant camellias, one gets sun most of the day, the other gets maybe 3 hours of sun. Any ideas?

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

'Magnoliaeflora' is one of the all-time classics. It is beautiful, with pretty foliage and habit, and perfect blooms. In my experience, it grows more slowly than most japonicas, but over a lifetime (if left unpruned) it can conceivably grow to small tree-size. I know of one in our area that is 75 years old, and as large as a minivan and about 15 feet tall. It grows in full sun, near a country farmhouse, where it is totally neglected and yet is covered with blooms each year. But our weather on the gulf coast is very humid, which allows us to grow them in full sun. I don't know about your climate, whether they could handle full sun or not, check with your local camellia club, but the more sun it gets, the more vigorously it will grow, so if it can handle the sunnier spot without burning or drying out, that would be my choice. The shady spot may be safer, but it will grow much slower and less bushy.

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jbfoodie(z10 CA)

Thank you Forrest Al. I now know where I will plant it/her. Full sun it is. I have some shade cloth over the area where I plant to plant magnoliaeflora, so it won't be too much sun. I think it was your suggestion in another thread, but I plan to purchase Mine no yuki also. I will put it in the shadier spot, though it will get some pretty hot sun for a few hours. Thank you so much!

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