Help to save my Camellia

sara_mckinlayJune 4, 2009

about a year and a half ago I got a Camellia tree from my work as a condolence gift for the passing of my grandmother. I didn't want to plant it in the yard as it was something that I wanted to have for a long time and I wasn't sure how long I would be at that house. I put it in a large container. The plant did well and bloomed the first summer. The leaves have now all turned yellow with bits of brown. I'm not sure if the tree is dead but I am quite sure that is sick. I don't really know much about the plant or admittedly much about plant care on a whole but the plant means allot to me and I would really like to try and save it. I searched on the web and am considering repotting the plant and putting in better suited dirt. If any one can offer me any advise in this it would be very appreciated.

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Hello, Sarah. Potting medium should be changed every now and then (usually every three years but some people do it more often). If you detect that the roots are starting to grow in circles then you need to repot in a bigger container and with new medium.

The problem that you describe however, could just be old camellia leaves falling (think dogs and shedding time!!! LOL). This happens about every two years mostly during the months of May and June. Pine trees shed leaves like this too but they do it in the Fall.

If you live near the coast (USDA Zone 8), you might be able to grow the camellia in the ground (ask a local nursery). I saw some around Vancouver (VanDusen Botanical Gardens) a while back but they were not blooming at the time. Newer varieties can grow in USDA Zone 7.


Here is a link that might be useful: American Camellia Society's Container Info

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