Sunroon Plants

emef11March 5, 2006


I have a sunroom and have built in bowes under the windows to put plats in.

What types of plants can you recommend?

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Whatever you want!

I would recommend you buy a hygrometer/thermometer so that you can keep an eye on the humidity and temperature (you can buy them for $20 or so at Canadian Tire or even some drugstores). Sunrooms can get hot, and most houses are too dry, so you'll probably need to add humidity.

As for plants though - what do you like? Tropical jungle plants? Ferns? Flowering plants? Cacti and succulents? What kind of experience do you have growing plants (some plants are easy care, and others are fussier)?

You won't be able to have everything at once , so you'll need to decide what your preferences are. For example, cacti and ferns need very different conditions, and are not really compatible :-)


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I would recommend Cacti, succulents and their relatives. Watering is easy, very few pest problems and the selection is endless. Echeverias, Aeonium and many other exotic 'arid' types are available.

We started out with several types of plants in the sunroom but are slowly migrating to the plants outlined above (the pest/bug control for other types of plants was taking too much effort)

A friends dish garden of arid type plants.

Blue echeveria

Cabbage echeveria

Another friends dish garden


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