BC palm trees VS S. ON polar vortex

Paul_OntMarch 23, 2014

Us poor residents of Toronto have suffered a bad winter with a brutal ice storm and a spring that is slow to start. As for the BC coast things are rather normal with spring ahead of the calendar as expected. While southern Ontario is very white and cold, the palm trees among spring flowers in BC can be seen on youtube. While we get lows under -10.

Global warming seems incorrect for Ontario but in BC it seems to hold true. Or could palm trees always have grown there?

A big snowstorm is expected in Halifax next week. Toronto and Halifax are further south but Mother Nature puts the palm trees on the Vancouver side of the country. Not fair at all. Hey, both Sochi and Vancouver have palm trees and both hosted Winter Olympics! The two warmest Winter Olympics.

Here are two links.



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sorry Paul but you moved to BC years ago as I recall? Spring has come to Toronto and it's wonderful here.

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You got the wrong person in mind. To prove you wrong you can ask me a question about daily weather and I can answer you. I am exploring where to retire as a gardener. NS is friendly but too stormy. All of Ontario has too much winter. Watch it snow all across southern Ontario again like every April.

Even if the weather was perfect in spring, summer and fall... Nothing makes up for winter weather. The huge wall of snow just north of Markham that created the 96-car pileup was witnessed by this guy.

Toronto is good for business. Not for weather. Too much smog. Way too much winter. If you did the least bit travelling in your life you would know this. I am sharing my discoveries. Don't read if you're in denial.

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ah yes, my mistake. you were the one constantly bringlng up palm trees in Vancouver and making comparisons with Toronto.

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So it was snowing a bit in the north GTA this morning. It is now sunny and the wind is chilly but that may change tmr says the weatherman.

I found another fun video. I found a video of exotics in NF. Let's just say the experiment did not have good results. So another video of the left coast.


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Well, it depends on what you want to grow. For instance, my friends from Megaflowers said that the climate in Canada is quite friendly for some sorts of trees)

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I just had 19C today in Toronto and the weatherman says that a snowstorm might come later this weekend around the 401 corridor. If we are lucky it will hit just to our north but we will see freezing temperatures. Toronto can get ice to bring down trees, snow storms but not hurricane blizzards like the US-Canada east coast, and of course damaging thunderstorms with a twister in the area possible all summer. Damaging hail can also fall in my region but is not common like Texas. The west coast of Canada has a much gentler climate and they have been gardening for some time now in that area. My grass is about to start growing. April might be a battle between winter and spring but May can be a sudden switch to summer weather.

Canada is large but mostly cold in winter as reputed. Russia has a milder area around Sochi were they grow palm trees. Palm trees can only grow on the west coast of Canada. Both Canada and Russia are so large that they have their milder corner. You should visit Canada. Toronto for its skyline and Vancouver for its exotic beauty.

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You can't make any comparisons with Salt Spring Island and Vancouver. The climates are different. There are a lot of micro-climates in BC.

The only change in BC, at least in Southern BC is that the Summer's will continue to get drier, and we'll stay as wet or get a bit wetter in the Winter. The Pacific ocean prevents us from getting to warm and too cold. It is why some people have the theory that rich people from different areas of the world are coming to BC to buy homes in case the climate in their part of the world gets unlivable. They want a backup home.

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People in Ontario don't really know about the pockets of different climates on the west coast.

People in Vancouver with their palm trees tell me that Victoria is milder and sunnier. Gardeners who like exotics know this. Toronto and Calgary have seen lots of summer flooding over the past few years while Victoria has a rather dry summer climate. Winter has started already across southern Ontario. 4 feet of snow in Buffalo, NY. Damage has been done to homes by crushing snow. Snowing in the GTA right now. 5 cm of snow today, wrong forecast, it's more than that!

Rich people know where to go and if they go to the west coast leaving anything east of the Rockies behind is a sure sign of climate reality. People in all of Ontario just want to get out of harsh winters. Some are already tired of winter and it's only November. Toronto has a lot of great things but people who have moved to Vancouver like the weather and the beauty of the west coast much better.

Keep the palms growing on the west coast because it's just not possible in the east.

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