is it dead?

amymcc(7 MD)June 13, 2006

I planted a new camellia about 2 feet tall and promptly went on vacation. When I got back, something had dug it out of the ground. It was lying on its side, roots exposed, and all the leaves totally wilted. I put it into a bucket of water to try to revive it, but it's just gotten more wilted. If I cut it way back & replant it, is there any hope? Or is it just dead? Thanks.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Since we don't have a crystal ball, we can't help you determine if it is dead or not. Only you can judge. I wouldn't cut the top, but give the roots a bit of a trim before replanting back into soil. If there are any living roots, the pruning will help stimulate new growth (at the roots). Of course, if the top growth is DEAD rather than wilted (your word), that's a different story.

Root systems of plants are very fragile, at least that portion of the roots that absorb water and oxygen. How long your plant was out of the soil is a major factor here.

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nonews(Zone 7 NC)

I would try to replant it, as you are not out anything more. If it lives, great!! Nancy

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