Belle423(Zone 7 TN)June 30, 2005

Years ago I planted camelias in my backyard that are now so beautiful. When we moved from the house my daughter purchased it and now she is enjoying them. I would like to get a cutting from them and plant them at my new place. They are currently thriving beautifully in the shade of pine trees. I am assuming by that that they prefer the shade. Any advice on how to make cuttings work from them would be greatly appreciated. When I planted them, I had no idea whether they were sun or shade shrubs...just got lucky.

Thanks......belle423 in Jackson, Tennessee

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Yes, they do "grow on you" don't they, and become almost like a member of the family. The perfect time to take cuttings is about now, and I have provided a link below with some tips and other information. But keep in mind, it will take years to grow out the cutting to a plant of any size. I would suggest you consider making some airlayers of some of the limbs (which is like a giant cutting with roots) which takes about 6 months to form a root ball and, once cut off from the plant, will give you a decent sized plant that will usually bloom the first year. It is a much quicker way to propagate a larger plant that you have access to. Of course, the old checkbook method provides instant gratification, if you can determine the variety and a source to purchase it, but its not nearly as much fun! Good luck whatever you do, it sounds like a great plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia cuttings

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