Christmas Carol Aloe Care

plantomaniac08(8)April 10, 2012

What is your recommended care for a Christmas Carol Aloe? The only Aloe I've ever owned was a Aloe barbadensis so any advice on the watering needs, lighting requirements, anything pertinent to successfully growing this plant is much appreciated. I'm not sure if the needs of this aloe vary much, if at all, from a Aloe barbadensis so I wanted to ask. I plan to place this aloe outdoors and I live in zone 8a if that is of assistance. I know the photo below shows some pretty poor soil, don't worry, I do plan to repot it very soon in a smaller pot (not a plastic pot mind you). Thanks in advance.

My newly purchased Aloe:


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I don't assume Aloe care varies from Aloe to Aloe, I treat them all the same (have abt 5-8 different ones) & they're fine. I'd just caution if it's going outdoors to increase its exposure to sun gradually so as not to burn it.

I've not seen this name before, but find the red edge on this lovely.

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I have this plant. It is one of Kelly Griffin's newer small hybrids, and is somewhat tempermental. It will not survive in temperatures below 32F, and will need to be a houseplant in your zone during the winter.

Its current soil is completely unsuitable. Repot in a mix that is at least 75% inorganic particles like pumice, perlite, or gravel. Use no peat, and no sand. Good drainage is essential. Do not overwater.

It is certainly not like the much larger Aloe vera (barbadensis). Two years ago it was hard to find, and expensive. Tissue culture has made it more available and cheaper, but not any hardier. Good luck and happy growing!


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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Well, it's one beautiful plant. I sure haven't been able to locate one that's at all affordable.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

It's gorgeous! I bought one at the last C&S show & sale. Pricey but worth every penny! I love all of Kelly Griffin's hybrids! Lucky you to have pups already!

Brad gives excellent advice on all counts. I'm in zone 10, where frost & freeze are very rare, so I can leave mine out year-round. I haven't had mine long enough to get any useful advice. Enjoy your plant!

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Thanks to everyone for your advice/comments!

I do plan to replace the soil soon, I just purchased it yesterday; that's a picture of it after I brought it home. I know the soil looks horrible! :\

How often should I water it during the summer and winter? I will be sure to expose it to the sun gradually, I'm not sure where Wal-Mart had it, that it was receiving much, if any sun.


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Depending on how often it dries out, every 2 wks ought to be good. You will have to determine by your conditions, but basic rule, "water when dry". (probably less in winter)

So, please tell me, Planto...where do you live that WalMart is carrying this??? If you don't mind telling us, what did you pay for it?

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I live in Georgia and I paid $7.88 for it. To be honest, I'm really surprised at the price after reading everyone's comments. I honestly thought it was "just another aloe" considering where I found it.

So am I safe to assume that it's care is similar to that of a cactus, in the respect to "water when dry?" I do understand that succulents need watered more frequently than cacti (at least from what I have read online), but during the summer here, sometimes I have to water my cacti twice a week as they dry out every three days or so (our patio has been called "Hades" it gets so warm).


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Thanks for the info. That IS a good price for it. I got mine for $10. & I've seen it online for $20 or more. I might've thought the same thing if I found it at WalMart.

About the watering, your 2nd sentence is what I was thinking while reading the 1st (question) sentence. You'll do fine...esp. know your patio is like Hades in the summer~adjusting accordingly.

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Thanks for the information, everyone's comments will sure help me in successfully growing this aloe.


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