BBBFLJune 6, 2011

My wife and I recently purchased a beautiful colonial home. There are approximately 15 Camellia trees in the front yard that are probably 40 years old and are about 20 feet tall. These trees, while beautiful, block out the view from the street of our equally beautiful home. What would be the best approach to prune these trees down so that you can see the house from the street? Thanks

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Would limbing them UP solve the problem of views from your beautiful home? In other words, removing lower branches in order to expose more trunk.

If not, I suspect that removal of these old camellias is the only option. That is, unless you think that drivers by and neighbors appreciate the view of the beautiful old camellias. Some will be horrified at their removal, I must warn you.

Cutting down old camellias to a few feet will simply disfigure them, creating an eyesore for all to behold. Removal is truly a better scenario.

Perhaps you can remove the worst of the 'offenders', but save those that FRAME the view of your home, rather than block it.

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Thanks rhizo. I think I will try limbing them up and see what it looks like. I definitely would get a lot of bad looks if I simply took them all out. Thanks again

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I agree with rhizo. "Limbing up" your camellias is the way to go. That will expose the multiple trunks of these slow-growing trees and make them look like the trees they are. I think it would be a good idea to make certain that you have an odd number of multiple trunks per camellia tree. An odd number of trunks will be more aesthetically pleasing than an even number of trunks.

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Thanks Jay. I counted the trees and there are 27. So, I have a lot to work with. They definitely need to be "cleaned up"

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