small redbrown spots on leaf

marija_antJune 8, 2006

Can somone help me plese. I 've noticed very small redbrown spots on the leaf edge. Is that fungal disease (didn't find answer online).

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There is picture on gallery forum. Color of leaves is normal (there isn't any depigmentation or other - normal young leaves) - gray spots are from fungicid which didn't help. There was very rainy weather during last 2 weaks and spots multiplied.

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Hello, marija_ant. If the spots increased with humid weather, it is probably a form of leaf spot. The good news is that this fungus, on old leaves, is not going to kill your plant. But, this situation hints of a too-much-moisture problem.

Suggestions: water the soil (not the leaves) under the plant and only in the mornings; make sure there is adequate air circulation around the plant and that it does not get too much shade; keep the mulched area under the plant free from debris and other plant material.

If you have a small amount of mulch, you could replace the mulch under the plant as well to remove any spores already present there. Eventually, the leaves with the fungus will grow old and just fall down (camellia leaves last about 1.5 years).

Fungicides that are good against leaf spot fungus might help but I am not sure if I would bother doing that. After all, if I had an infected plant, I could always pick one or two leaves with the most infection and dispose of them properly. From your photo, it does not seem like a severe infestation.

Good luck,

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What is the camellia variety? Some camellias especially hybrids like 'Fragrant Pink' and 'Cinnamon Cindy' will express nutrient deficiancy with small redish brown dots. I too thought it was a fungal leaf spot, but as soon as the nutrient levels were increased - the spots went away. I didn't treat with a fungicide. Go figure!

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