Please help identify tree

wafel1978March 30, 2013

Please help identify tree

My neighbor has a beautiful tree I want to plant this year (Hi donâÂÂt know the name).

Few details about it since I donâÂÂt have picture from summer time :

1. Leafs are big Green shaped like a heart.
Sides are not notched they are smooth.

2. Tree will have leaf and loose them little later then other trees.

3. In spring have little white flowers.

Any idea what tree is it, live in Canada Toronto area

Thank you in advance Pawel

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Sounds like it might be a Northern Catalpa. Are the flowers similar to small orchids?

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Agreed. The only other tree that fits the description is the 'Alba' (white flowered) variety of redbud, and that's so little-planted that this is unlikely. If the seedpods are long and string bean-like, it's definitely catalpa.

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It is NOT a Catalpa...winter form bears no resemblance.

It could be the White Redbud (Cercis canadensis 'alba'), the branch structure and twig form are consistent.

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agree with others. This is possibly a redbud.. Catalpas are gigantic trees. not for a small yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: White redbud.

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