Transplate Established Camellias to Pots Temporarily

cauliflowerJune 24, 2010

I have 3 beautiful well established (10+ year) Camellias. They are about 5'(1.5 meters)tall and grow 3' apart next to each other.

We are expanding our house, so need to dig them up and put them in pots for 4 months between September and December. The temperature will be between 45F - 90F (7C - 30C) during that time. At the end of the expansion, we want to put them back to the ground (close to their currrent site).

What should I do to keep them live and happy during these two transplate? How big the pots need to be relative to their rootball?


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Can you dig some holes in a partly-shaded not-windy area and place them, pot and all, in there? Mulch them 3-4" and keep the soil moist as best as you can? Do not fertilize them but add some liquid seaweed or liquid fish.

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Thank you for the suggestion. If I understand your suggestion well, this will make it easy to dig up again for the pernament placement as well as keeping them in the ground contact temporarily, right?

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Yes. Easy to mulch and water via existing sprinkler or drip set up.

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