Making yellow leaves turn green

Phill787June 8, 2011

I am rescuing an 8 foot tall Camellia Japonica, the previous owners had it on the south side of their house with full sun exposure to the east, south, and west. The leaves on those three sides were bright yellow, the north side of the Camellia was up against the house and is lush dark green as are the interior leaves also. I've now transplanted this Camellia to a shady location in my yard where it will only ever get direct sun for a couple of hours in the early afternoon ... the rest of the day it will be in shade or part shade.

My question is; should the yellow leaves now turn green by themselves ? Or do I need to prune it back to remove all the yellow leaves so new green leaves can grow ?

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Hello, Phill787. Bright yellow. Oh Lord. I would leave the leaves there and let the shrub replace them at the proper time. Yes, it will "look" strange for a while but the plant is stressed enough to add pruning to the list. Just maintain the soil moist, well mulched, acidic until it drops the leaves on its own. Just wondering about the damage.... can you post a picture or email me a picture. I am curious how bad it was.

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