Help with my new cactus

marguerite_gwApril 30, 2013

This is my first cactus ever, except for a lovely orange Easter cactus I have since last year. I need a little help here, please. Firstly, what kind of cactus is this? The hairs are soft, no spines or spikes. There were some dead flowers which I collected and they seem to have seeds in them.
Question 2, will the hairs always stay soft, I'm not a fan of spiky plants?
Thirdly, if I sow the seeds and they germinate successfully, might the flowers be the same colour as on the mother plant?
My son bought me the plant today, it is quite small, in only a 3" pot. I think I understand how to treat it otherwise, as I have grown lots of succulents.

Many thanks for any advice you can give me.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Can't help with ID. Lovely delicate coloration on that flower.

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It is a Rebutia species, not sure which, and the names are always changing, but they are all grown the same anyway. They are from the Andes Mnts. in S. America. For best blooms, a cold winter period with freezing temps is needed to initiate maximum flower buds. In the spring/ summer and fall they are best with at least some real sunlight. Some species have deep taproots and will benefit from a deep pot with a porous soil mix.

Some varieties are more prickly than others, but WYSIWYG so you don't have to worry. If you can successfully raise them from seed to bloom, it would be an impressive feat!


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Thanks to you both for the replies, the flower is actually two-toned, Paul, pink and white, I fell for the colour immediately.

Thanks for the name, xerophyte. I didn't understand WYSIWYG. I'll have a go at raising some from seed, since it came free with the plant :) With that ID I'll look up my plant books.

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WYSIWYG = What you see, is what you get.


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Thank you, Christopher. Thank you all.

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