Replacement for Dormant Oil Spray

yugoslavaMarch 7, 2010

What would be good to use as a substitute in the spring since Ontario has banned dormant oil spray. The package used to have mineral oil and lime sulfur. Since I grow some ericaceous plants and use sulfur to acidify soil could I use that mixed with mineral oil. I am not a chemist and need some help with this. Also in Toronto it's a good time to spray roses and fruit trees, it's dry and sunny.

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Dormant oil banned?

I checked the Ontario government web site and most dormant oil sprays are listed as Class 5 pesticides. There is one brand listed as a Class 6. These are defined as "Less (for class 5) or "least" (for class 6) hazardous domestic pesticides that can be used by homeowners and include biopesticides and lower risk pesticides allowed for cosmetic purposes. "

It's pretty clear that there is no ban on dormant oil / horticultural oil sprays.

Details here:

- Bev

Here is a link that might be useful: Ontario MOE pesticide classes

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I may be mistaken but I recall being at a meeting and there was talk of discontinuing sale of dormant oil preparation. There was discussion on what could be used instead. I don't mind making a mistake as long as it continues to be available in stores

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Yugoslava, I am sure you should be able to buy it in Toronto area. I just bought dormant oil/lime sulphur kit spray in brampton @ about $15.00

the only problem i have is what and where to buy sprays for fruit trees after those dormant sprays?

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