What would you plant for shade 4 camellia

butterfly4uJune 14, 2009

Hello all,

Last March I planted a gorgeous camellia and planted it on the side of the yard that I thought would be shade all afternoon, I moved in November.

Well, it is now June and she's frying.

She gets sun til around 5 0clock in this SC sun.

Her leaves are turning yellow.

I planted sun flower seeds, but the sun flowers aren't growing fast enough.

Is there an inexpensive annual that I can plant in front of her for shade over the next 3-4 months?

What would you do?

SHe'll be fine once the sun isn't as hot in November on, she will get afternoon shade again in the winter.

It's so hot and she's so hevy I am afraid to move it now, it may die.


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Can you find someone who carries a shade cloth that you could use to offer some sun protection? Transplanting is still the way to go on a permanent basis, though. You can do it now or during late Fall/early Winter (when the plant goes invisibly dormant).

Several years ago, I had to use some burlap to offer shade to a hydrangea when the Crape Myrtle has some branches broken by hail. Using some wood, I put the burlap above the area where the small shrub was located and that worked well.

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Crepe Myrtles offer a light, airy canopy of shade...I love planting camellias on the north side of a crepe myrtle.

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Thanks to both of you for the quick reply.
I will look for a large crape myrtle, I'm sure they are plentiful this time of year, and they will be blooming shortly.
Oh by the way, she's a Sawada's Dream.
Gorgeous flowers!
How bad would it be to plant her next to a maple tree?
What if I watered her real good?
Just wondering.
Thanks again!

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While planting camellias can be done near maples, if you have a choice I would not do it. Maples have a fibrous root system which stays close to the surface and will compete with camellias for both water and nutrients. If you do so, it should be with the kowledge that you will be watering and fertilizing constantly and the camellia will probably never reach its' full potential.

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