In-Ground Brugs Still Alive?

Guitar4HimMay 21, 2014

We had two brugs (1 yellow, 1 pink) that we decided to try to winter in-ground. We cut them even with the ground and mulched them heavily. So far, we haven't seen any new growth appearing around the in-ground stumps. Should we be seeing new growth by now or do we just need to be more patient?

We got a bunch of cuttings from the plants when we cut them back last fall which we rooted in the house during the winter. Many of them have done quite well. We could replace the in-ground ones with some of these cuttings if they're DOA but we don't want to act prematurely.

When/how should we determine that our old plants didn't make it?


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I live in North Texas and some of mine have not put out from the roots as yet though many have. We had a most unusual winter here, so guess anything is possible. Since the three that have not sprouted as yet are full sun brugs, I have decided to give them until the middle of June. Many of my brugs have been inground since '05. I hope yours all come back.

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I grew brugs in 14 gal. containers last year and left them where they were all winter . Since I had taken many cuttings , I wasn't really concerned if they came back or not . I gave them no special care. But they have come back ( 3 of 3 ). The new growth came out as much as 6 inches from the old trunk . I'm in Shelby N.C , about 40 miles west of Charlotte . I did , however , plant all three in the ground and replaced them with cuttings from last which had much more growth . so that I might have blooms earlier in the season. All 3 are doing well. So I wouldn't give up completely on yours . Good luck . I have yellow & pink NOID . What kind do you have ? I'd love other colors and ones with double blooms.

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