LARGE file - some photos from Canada Blooms 2007

jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))March 8, 2007

Good friends joined my wife and I for a quick visit to Canada Blooms this year. There are still another two days to view this show.

While I didn't find the garden displays quite as inspiring as other years, I still came home with some ideas which can be incorporated into my garden. I even came home with more dahlias.

Magnificent weather, good company, Time well spent.

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ptmax(Zone 6b)

Real nice pictures jroot, thanks for sharing Canada Blooms with us. I like the waterfall pool the best.PM

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weezi(z5b/6a Toronto ON)

Just got back from a visit to Canada Blooms - my first time ever.

There were some things I found inspirational, and it was great to see flowers at a time when I am craving spring, but I was disappointed on the whole. Way too much space dedicated to flower arrangements and container plants (and the marketplace), and not enough to actual gardening and garden design. Not sure if I would go again (now that I've got my "hit," but perhaps my cravings will overcome me next winter).

On a different track - how do you post pictures to this forum?

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Thanks for sharing the photos. I am screaming for the warmer weather to get out in my garden!

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

weezi, people go to shows like Canada Blooms for different reasons. As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks" LOL I understand what you are saying.

How do I post pictures here? Well, I post the photos I want to show here in my file at Photobucket. Then I copy the HTML tag, and paste it here in my posting. When I preview, it appears the way I want it. Before posting in Photobucket, I usually reduce the size of the print so it doesn't take up so much space. I hope that helps.

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I enjoyed the trip to Canada Blooms this year. I found the garden display much more to my taste. Basically that is I like things being more organic, less too modern. I got a few ideas from the trip. The market place was okay. I like to get my seeds from Florabunda and a few thompson seeds from Gardenscape. I missed Patrick Studio though. There was a time when the Market place was far more fuller. I would have rather wanted to see more vendors to see what's new in gardening. Or maybe, it's because I brought a young child with me and had to spend less time looking at the products. Whatever.. there were definitely less vendors around this year and I am speculating the rental costs has risen. Perhaps it's time the organizers begin to address this issue and start looking at another venue. Another thing that always irks me, why should I pay for that magazine that lists down the name of the vendors and the displays. Goodness. Shouldn't this come free?
Last, I was wondering why can't the organizers hold an open air garden show right there in early summer - alla Chelsea. This can be done at Downsview - the site where the Pope visited. It's being developed into a park and so why not? --

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Thanks for sharing! Still have 3 feet of snow on my grass so seeing something in bloom is inspirational. I enjoyed the waterfall as well as the other pictures.


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