what to do with malfomed chrysalis

greylady_gardenerJuly 31, 2014

Thanks to those that commented on my other thread "a concern with my cats"....In it I posted a pic of a chrysalis that had not formed properly...the consensus was to wait and see what happened.....I basically thought that it would be dead, but it is alive so far. If I touch the stem of the milkweed that it is on and make the chrysalis move, I can see the inside of it through the opening that it has, and it is kind of pulsing. I really doubt that this will make a butterfly that can function normally and I really don't want to have to put it out of it's misery if it comes out unable to fly. I feel so awful about it.

What would you do? :(

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It's alive now....why would you feel better about killing the metamorphosizing state than the flying state ?
I'd see what happens, it could be fine.

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most definitely don't feel better about killing it at any stage. I feel awful about the thought of it suffering though.

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