Pruning baby Brugmansia

markj84May 2, 2014


Just joined the forum after having bought my first Brugmansia. On holiday in Berlin a few weeks ago and saw these in a botanical garden, knew I just had to get one once I got home... and i did!!

I've had a search and cannot find a conclusive answer that I want (I know most newbies will say this!).

Anyway, it will be grown in a container and I've read some posts saying to cut all growth from under the 'Y' and others to only cut the leaves not the stems. I've added a picture of my new baby and as you can see there is a prominent 'Y' near the top, but another stem on the left side underneath (plus a tiny one growing at the bottom). Should I remove this stem growing on the left side and keep everything above the Y, or leave it be?

I'm after more of an ornamental tree affect that a shrub.

Many Thanks!! I look forward to perusing the forums no end!


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

They bloom above the Y..................I would leave it be.

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Thanks for the reply carrie. But what about below the Y?

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

You could trim that little sucker if it is bothering you, but the plant needs to be left as it is until after it blooms. I trim only what is necessary on mine unless I am taking cuttings, and yours isn't ready for that as yet.

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Hi mark, this is one of mine last year. Removed all the growth from under the "y" to try and get more of a tree effect, but I'm not keen so will allow it to do its own thing this year. I would advise to take cuttings at the end of the the year and root them in water, just in case it doesn't overwinter. You can buy some great Brugs on ebay. They are poisonous so be careful with kids
Kind regards
Averil uk

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This was another. Pic was taken through glass doors at night so a lot if reflection

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