Carpets of flowers in the streets (Rugs). Corpus Christi

okintosJuly 16, 2011

Carpets of flowers Religious Procession "Corpus Chriti". Ponteareas. Pontevedra. Galicia (Spain).

I want to show these pictures in the Forum Camelias. Are photographs of the party of the year 2010. These are pictures of a party before this year, but is the same, each new party is an exceptional effort of the people who make it hard work (ephemeral).

As a party that has no fixed date, sometimes coincides with the flowering of camellias late. So carpets are also drawings made with camellia flower petals. Camellia leaves trimmed, are part of the green colors of the rugs that are drawn on the floor of the streets.

Then everything will be destroyed, this happens when a religious procession passing on the carpet. It is the work of hundreds of volunteers. For many days, collect seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits. Then the night before the festival, dedicated to drawing on the streets and build the carpets of flowers.

The next day, an hour, everything disappears. Thousands of people visit every year to see the carpets of flower petals.


Daniel Dominguez Fernández oKintos

Here is a link that might be useful: Slideshow Corpus Christi. Carpets of petals

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Very pretty, okintos. Awesome pictures in the slideshow too! It reminds me of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on New Year's Day.

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Oh my gosh! You keep coming up with wonderful things. This is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you

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Thanks Florence and Louis. I'm glad you liked it. In all parts of the world there are wonderful things. I did not know the Festival of Roses in Pasadena. It's an amazing Festival. I admire people in a completely altruistic endeavor to perform these jobs. We enjoy the efforts of many people. I show a video, where is the preparation of the flower carpet in 2011. Carpets look the same every year. But really, every year is different. People living in a village street, come together to make alfoimbras your street. You see in the video, as people of all ages work hard on these ephemeral works.
Daniel D.F. oKintos

Here is a link that might be useful: Ponteareas 2011 Corpus Crhisti Carpets of flowers

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