Taller Sasanqua Varieties?

babuscini(Zone7-NC)July 29, 2005

Are there any varieties of Camellia sasanqua which will reach 12-15'? Most of the ones I've come across are in the 4-8' range. I'd like to use a camellia as a screen if possible. Thanks!

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Yuletide and Kanjiro both get tall...

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I can't say how tall Yuletide will get, but I agree with CaseysMom -- it is a delightful bush. It is dense, dark green, behaves well when trimmed, with many, many flowers per bush.

I have three growing against a lattice of bamboo. I have two upright bamboo stakes about 8 feet out of the ground. I then took one lateral bamboo and tied it to the uprights with twine about a foot off the ground. I train the Yuletide against the lateral. As it grows, I cut the ties to the plant and move the lateral bamboo up and retie. Works well for me even though a bit of labor. I like to get the structure right and then it makes upkeep easier later.


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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

I have Taylor's Pink Suprise. It appears to get pretty darn tall although I keep mine fairly short. I purchased it for the bloom and the fact that it could thrive in a full sun area. I am using it as a screen for a bare area under a livingroom picture window so I don't let it get any taller than the bottom of the window - I have to trim it constantly.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I believe I do like the Kanjiro, so perhaps that's what I'll try. My wife likes Yuletide, though I can't decide if I like the bright red with the yellow center. And I'll have to check out Taylor's Pink Surprise -- I haven't come across that one.

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You can obtain this type of info from some of the online wholesalers. Check out the website for www.monrovia.com as follows: from the main page, click 'For Gardeners'; click 'About Our Plants'; click 'Plant Catalog'; set the 'Search By' Menu to 'CAMELLIAS', set the 'Your Cold Zone' Menu to your USDA Zone and click the green Search Button.

At this point, you should have a list of camellias sold by them. Pick one by clicking on the common name.

The webpage presented will usually have a picture of the flower. To the right, there will be a list of topics. The one titled 'Landscape Size' will give you a pretty good idea of how tall the camellia gets.

Be aware that the "mature size" of some camellias is not given so do not be surprised if yours gets taller than Monrovia's Average Landscape Size. That is -partly- due to the fact that camellias can get very old; some are more than 500 years old!


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don't have it but i thought 'yuletide' was a smaller growing cultivar.
my tallest sasanqua is 'pink snow'. another one in my neighborhood is at the eave of the roof of an old historic home. these begin to bloom here around october.

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Luis_PR, thanks for pointing out that Monrovia website. They've got quite a few there.

And jeff_al, 'pink snow' does look like a nice one.

How fast do sasanquas grow in general? Under close-to-ideal circumstances, how long do you suppose it would take to reach 8' or so?

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jdwyer60(z8 bAL)

Maiden's Blush is a very vigerous variety. It is often used as rootstock for grafting other camellias.

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Daydream is the fastest growing sasanqua that I have. It grows about twice as fast as all my other varieties. I have seen plants over 20 feet tall.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Camelliagirl , how long would daydream take to reach a bushy 8', do you think?

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bodhisagan(z7b Ga)

Setsugekka is a nice white that grows crazy fast. Yuletide isn't all that quick.

Species oleifera and 'large leaf' Camellia sinensis have both grown quickly for me too.


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