omg! WHAT happened to my ghost plant!

KittieKATApril 29, 2014

Ijust noticed my beautiful ghost plant has a hole in it!?!?! I searched for bugs but haven't found any sign?!?! And i looked it over and am seeing shriveled bruising that wasn't there before, it hasn't been watered in a while so i don't think its over or under watering, could this be a bug or an animal eating my plant and causing it to die!

PLEASE help my beautiful plant!

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Any ideas? Sorry shaky picture

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Pls try for one FOCUSED pic, if you need to prop your hand holding the camera in place, or brace it, that might help.

The 2nd pic shows, nothing (sorry). Can't tell but it doesn't matter, care would be the same.

Am guessing mechanical damage from the hole, but can't see it well enough to tell.

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Better focus will help for now in my opinion looks like over watered while it was in the cold for to long

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Also that isn't ghost plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense). It is Graptopetalum pentandrum ssp. superbum. Just for future reference!

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Yea i know its a supperbum, but i was guessing there all part of the ghost family guess I'm not a smarty pants! It. Grown in doors only by a nice sunny window, my first thought was a bird ora bug? The mushy side i was thinking some one knocked it over and picked it up so i wouldn't notice and just ISN'T going to come out and say it, or someone's been using my plant water and filling itup with sink water. I'll take better pics

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This plant can't be over watered ir under watered it rarely gets watered enough for worry but itsa succulent i know it'll be fine, I'm worried someone's drinking my plant water and filling it up with sink water or someone dropped it or squeezed it, or its recovering from damage?

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