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butterflyaddict(9b)July 18, 2012

I have a wide variety of Passion vine in my yard. And I notice that if a Gulf Frit. egg is layed and hatched on one variety that cat does not take to a differnt variety? I've noticed this when I try to move a cat from the yard into a cage for protection. Anyone else seeing this?

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

I have not seen this at all. I'm finding that my cats are happy to feed off whichever variety I give them. I only have two, though. P. incarnata and P. caerulea.


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Thanks for the input. I have both of those. Maybe its just a few picky eaters. I also have a Passiflora x 'Jeanette' which they love. And Passiflora phoenicia 'Ruby Glow', and Passiflora mooreana,but they won't even lay eggs on these two so I don't try feeding it to them.


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Terry, I have the same thing here...I have P.caerulea that keeps getting eaten to sticks & I have a beautiful deep purple P.incarnata that is totally ignored!!! I have tried putting some of the GF cats on it & they will eat it but still I don't see any mama GFs laying eggs on it. I have a new "Lavendar Lady" in a pot(it won't survive my winter here west of DFW) & the mamas lay on it but I've only seen a couple of tiny cats...then I saw a couple of Carolina wrens having lunch! :o(
I had a P.incarnata that I got with my Larval Kit from Mail Order Natives that they also ignore!!!
I don't bring in cats to raise because I have such an abundance of them but I have moved them to see if they will eat other kinds of passifloras. I checked on some cats that I had moved a few days ago & only saw 2-3 out of 10 I had moved to the Deep Purple P. incarnata. There were places on the leaves that they had eaten but I saw one of the possible reasons the mamas don't lay eggs on it...a big spider had one of the cats in it's grasp!!! I don't use pesticides because of the cats but the predators are relentless!!! ;o(
My understanding is that the red passifloras are poisonous to the GFs! I was told that 'Lady Margaret' is one exception because it is a hybrid but it didn't make it through our winter here, either!
What area are you in?
Take care,

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I'm about 60 miles SSW of New Orleans. Between the rain and all the Cats my P.incarnata has taken a beaten. I've spent $$$ on mail order plants to feed them but my wife is starting to complain so I'll have to back off. I've been having a problem with the wrens and the Lizards in my garden since it's a little small. I can check the fennel and passion vine one morning and have countless cats only to have them disappear a day or two later. The cages atleast give me some satisfaction. I have read that the red P.vine is not good for the cats, but I had to plant that one for my wife. thanks for the info.

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I accidentally found that Passion Vine was a host plant for Gulf Fritillaries when I saw the caterpillars on maypop vines and my grandaughter and I watched the butterflies emerge. My garden is full of Fritillaries and we now protect the Maypops instead of pulling them out of the beds. They seem to love common Maypops.


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