Cyphostemma....Caudex Support ? ...How?

bronxfigsApril 26, 2012

Cyphostemma will soon be planted into quick-draining medium, but because of very sparse root system, I think that the plant might topple over without some kind of propping up of the caudex until it grows a new roots.

What do you suggest? I could build a stockade "fence" out of bamboo skewers around the perimeter of the caudex to hold it in place until it is anchored into the mix. I have never planted anything without a root system before...what would you do in this case?



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Hi Frank,
I usually put rocks -maybe golfball size --larger if the caudex is larger- around plants like that till they get some roots in.

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I savvy. So the caudex will be really just resting in a slightly depressed area of the growing medium and the rocks act to prop up the caudex until it is anchored by new roots. Interesting technique. I was thinking of making some kind of aluminum foil collar/doughnut to act as a prop, -which would be skewered into the medium to hold it in place- but the rocks would look more natural.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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