should I move the cats inside?

greylady_gardenerJuly 23, 2014

About four years ago, I collected the monarch eggs from a stand of wild milkweed that had taken over a garden in my front yard (which I had purposely left for them) :) That year I raised and released about 23 monarchs if I remember right.

I had to rip out all the invasive milkweed but planted several more 'tame' varieties out the back. This year I finally had a monarch discover them. After the lone visit that I witnessed, I searched the plants for eggs but was disappointed to find none, but yesterday I discovered two cats!! yay! ......even better, I found another one today. Now I am concerned about predators finding them and wondered if I can safely move them inside at this is fairly large although not big enough to pupate yet. the others are kind of a 'medium' and a 'small' :)

advice is gratefully accepted.

this is a pic of our first monarch from that year. It was a male which my granddaughter promptly named 'Louie' :)

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Yes, you can take them inside. It is probably better at this point.

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Thank you spiroan. I brought the smallest two in so far, but will have to wait until tomorrow to bring the biggest one in. Can't find the containers that I used before. In cutting some leaves to put in with one of them, I found another egg under one of the leaves so will have at least four monarchs and hopefully many more.

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Congratulations on your few baby caterpillars.

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So jealous!! Hi GG! Haven't seen even one here in Nova Scotia yet. Hopefully soon. The native Milkweed is beautiful. Oh, and your Curassavica seeds did well and are growing great.

All the best with the little ones!

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so glad to hear about the seeds doing well.

sent you an e-mail

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woollybear69(9b Fla.)

A beautiful photo.

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