Slow growing star jasmine

kelpmermaid(10S24)March 6, 2007

In the fall of 2005, I planted a star jasmine with the idea of using it to hide a chain link fence. It has grown, but not as quickly as I had expected. In fact, further down the fence, I planted a pink jasmine which has really taken off.

Did I pick the wrong plant for the job, or am I just expecting too much from the star jasmine too soon? Should I replace it with another pink jasmine? I figured that I would watch through the summer and see where that takes me...

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Star jasmine can often be slow to get going in locations without heat, where it is much faster. On the other hand, you will not be having to fight it with the pruning shears as you will Pink Jasmine. I might be tempted to plant both, alternating spacing, and later remove the Pink Jasmine when the slower growing Star Jasmine has caught up. The reason I say this, is that so often Pink Jasmine gets ripped out because it is too successful, and becomes too much work to keep it under control.

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We are pretty cool here, on the east side of a hill, so that's probably what it is. Star will get a reprieve, then. It's a short fence, but it's an eyesore. I'll have to keep an eye on "pinky." Thanks.

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Star jasmine is more a viney shrub than it is a vine. It would rather sprawl than "climb".

The pink jasmine is a true vine and will certainly outstrip the star jsmine in the growth rate race.

It will eventually cover the fence (I've seen them) but it will take quite some time.


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buddyben(z9 CA/Sunset 20)

I planted 4 star jasmines against a wall facing northeast. I too was disappointed that they didn't grow very much during the first two summers. But they really took off during their third spring and summer. I realize they probably wanted more sun. They looked great until the hard frost in january when two of the four plants had almost all their leaves yellow, dry out, then eventually fall off. I am waiting to see how the foliage grows back.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Joining in with those who say that star jasmine takes a few years to establish. My plant is in mostly shade, in coastal So. Cal. and I was very disappointed for the first two+ years. Now it's doing much better, but not still growing as vigorously as those I see planted in full sun.

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kelpmermaid(10S24) I'm wondering, particularly since I'm not far from Nancy. Maybe another pinky? Since our rainy season was such a bust, I'll see what happens after this summer. The plant has a few tendrils that have grown quite long into the chain link; I think what it wants is a structure to climb. I see it used as a ground cover, Joe, and I see what you mean. Ben, were yours on a trellis?

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buddyben(z9 CA/Sunset 20)

Yes, mine are on a trellis. The trellis is against a block wall. the trellis doesn't lie perfectly flat against the wall so there is some room there for the jasmine stems to grow. Sometimes the stems weave themselves behind the trellis but mostly I tie the stems to the trellis where I want them to grow.

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We live in an ideal climate for star jasmine. My neighbor has a massive mound of it that is about 5' wide and 10' long that blooms magnificently. I planted 4 of them in various locations and they have not grown more than 4" in an entire season. Perhaps there is a wide variety of growing habits in different strains of the plant.

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Yes to climb they need a support of some sort. Mine are on trellis against a fence. Previously woven thru it, but when we changed the fence this spring a lot got trampled and it was a b*tch getting it untangled so tied it instead. Funny how if a long piece is hanging loose it doesn't do much, but if it get a hold of another vine or the trellis a long length sprouts in no time.

I would think they would do great on a chain link fence. There is one surrounding a corner lot near a busy intersection and is totally covered and only been there a few years. When in bloom it's so pretty and fragrant just driving by. Maybe try adjusting the tendrils so they can grab on?

I have some established ones that get full sun all day, others that only get morning sun and the new ones I planted are mostly in shade on the N side of our house and they are doing great; even bloomng now! Growing faster than any of the ohers ever did. I also started with robust 5 G ones and made sure i dug a good hole and amended the soil well this time. All of that helped.

I also had 3 behind my pool until the fence was replaced. Several years old, in full sun, not as well taken care of as these new one, but all grew well except one. Didn't grow, but didn't die. A mutant that just seemed stunted and never took off no matter what. All 3 in the same conditions, but that was like the sickly runt of the litter. I'm convinced it was just a dud. Maybe you have one of those!

Anyone have Arabian jasmine?

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I have a slow growing star jasmine which is in the shade (north-facing fence) and I think it is growing slowly because it is in shade. I have another that is vigorous that is in a sunny area. I was wondering if I plant this big one in the shade it will maintain its size and not shrivel into a small short one. Do you think this would work?

I have an Arabian jasmine that grows well though I have kind of neglected it and in the winter the only protection it gets is it is against a south facing house wall. The number of flowers are limited compared to ones in India though they smell just as gorgeous. And in fact in India I only remember seeing it as bushes than vines.


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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

I planted three stars from quart size containers 5 years ago. They are on the side of my garage facing east so they get afternoon sun. They hardly grew for the first two years and barely flowered. By the third year they really took off.

I added a trellis behind each one and it took no time for them to climb and cover them. Now they have spread to the sidewalk about a foot high and I have to keep them trimmed at the sidewalk and to keep them from attempting to reach the stars. They also like to intermingle with the rose bushes planted between them.

They now bloom regularly and when they do it smells great.

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Purnima. Thanks for the info on thy Arabian jasmine. Do you know which kind you have. Small flowers like star jasmine (Maid of Orleans), bigger that look like mini gardenias (Duke something) or another one?

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The flowers of the Arabian jasmine are small ( like maid of orleans). The flower buds are small. The fragrance is the same.


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I want to plant 12 star jasmine to cover a 50 ft composite fence I just built on west side of house (outside my 7.5 year old's bedroom. Fence is 6 ft and green arrow nursery (am in San Fernando Valley area) recommended going with 5 gallon (not 1 gallon) plants in ground. they said SJ don't really have tendrils and need to grab onto something to climb. 5 gallon plants are already 4ft + high so they don't need to climb much. the area is all shade and will get very little direct sun expect mid-day from above. reading through this thread I'm wondering about 5 gallon vs. 1 gallon (about double the price) and what I can use on initial planting to help root system establish. I am putting in auto drip lines so water will not be a problem. then putting paving stones from fence to house wall as a walkway - wondering how much room (from pavers) to give each plant for root system as well.


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@sit_sat, would love to hear an answer to your question! I live in SoCal close to the coast and in a similar situation. A 50 ft long cinder block wall that is 6' high with 2' lattice on top.. Would like to plant 5 or 15 gallon Star Jasmine along the full 50' of length and see it fill the entire height & width! Not sure how long to expect until that happens based on either the 5 or 15 gallon plants? Like you, I would like to hear some pro advice on soil additives and watering schedule (can increase via sprinklers if it will help). My plants would be on North face of the wall so they would be shaded until they got up past the 6' cinder block fence. I also realize I will have to either string wire or place a trellis on the cinder block so they can cling to something. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Star Jasmine for sale on wholesale site ($1k min)

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I have some but it took years to get going and it stays small because I don't have enough heat for it. But, I know someone in san mateo CA who has some that are well established and they don't even get watered and they are really big. They don't like rich soil and a lot of water and they can get discolored leaves from fungal.

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