Attention Minnesota succulent collectors...

gennykins(4)April 21, 2013

Generally I am a lurker but feel compelled to share the best source of succulents I have found (and no, I do not own them or have have a financial interest in them). I drove to North Branch and spent an hour of heaven at Greenworld Greenhouses. Their selection is amazing-I managed to come home with a Cotyledon tomentosa, kalanchoes synsepala and synsepala disecta, crassula 'Gollum', and three gasterias. I also found out that he sells to some nurseries in the cities and he was the source of beautiful crassula streyi I purchased a couple of weeks ago and paid more for at another nursery. His prices are good - $3 for 2 inch pots and $5 for 4 inch pots. He has larger sizes as well. Once it warms up (ok, if), I will be going back.

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I wish the Ooo of Jen still popped up here.....

And genny, both those Kalanchoes are really cool, aren't they, particularly the K. s. dissecta.

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Love it - has the look of an agave, complete with red margins, and with runners to boot. I've been growing plants for years and have never seen anything like it! When I saw a big basket of it hanging from the rafters, my heart started a-thumping. I'm already regretting not picking up a couple more.

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Oops - just realized it was the dissecta you were praising. Not so much looking like an agave but certainly deserving of its common name 'Elk Antlers'. I picked one out that had a few inches os exposed stem on the bottom. I'm hoping in time it may fan out - somewhat similar to a staghorn fern, perhaps.

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Keep it warm during the winter months, or the leaves will burn from the cold. They look great in a hanging basket, as new leaves or heads start from runners. I saw this species displayed at the Huntington Gardends in Los Angeles, Pasadena Calif. it saves bench space and looks great. cover the stem with fresh mix it may then offset from the bottom. Norma Lewis

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