hi bush blueberry bareroot wanted and raspberry

tamatik(5a)March 12, 2014

with everything dormant rite now is the time to see about getting a 5-10 ea of hi bush blueberrys and raspberry

I can do paypal but not credit cards,

just getting started with fruits,, a few rasp last yr and only one blueberry grew from seed,, its under 4 ft of snow so I wont know its fate,, one is not enuf anyway.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated


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You'll want more than one variety of blueberry for cross pollinating. They like acid soil, which can be accomplished by adding a wee bit of vinegar to your water if you have basic soil.

I don't know much about raspberries; but planted some 'ever-bearing' plants a couple of years ago and have been thrilled to get a second crop in August that kept going till frost.

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