Some of my plants...

nikki702April 3, 2012

Here are some pics of my plants I took today, I am going to take more tomorrow and add them :) Hope you like them

Here is my biggest Jade recovering from a big whack lol

Crassula ovata gollum

Crassula ovata hobbit (dwarf)

Crassula ovata hummel's sunset

And another hummel's sunset

portulacaria afra variegata

Nikki :)

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Haworthia Rugosa

New Gasteria I got today

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Nice plants! I have a P. Afra too, and they're great plants. Easy to grow, not fussy, and their leaves kind of sparkle in the sun if they're variegated. :)

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Nikki..I like them all. You are doing a great job with your plants. Thank you for sharing. I'll bet there are more here that will appreciate how beautiful they are than those that come and visit you, right?

What a joke. Most of my family and local friends have no appreciation for any of my succulents like those here. It is a shame. But at least they love the paradise garden in my back yard with the sound of the pond and solar night


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Thanks for sharing, I absolutely love that Gasteria.


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Thank you for your comments, I will take some more pics later and post them.

When I have visitors they look at my plants in a strange way as they are EVERYWHERE lol at the moment I have my small plastic greenhouse in my living room because it is too cold to put it out onto my balcony at the moment.

My friends and family are not interested in cactus and succulent plants, the only succulent they have is a jade plant :)


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Hi Nikki, thanks for posting these. Very nice plants. Love your hummel's and afra. I too don't have a garden, or a balcony for that matter, but keep my hummel's under a large roof window in the bedroom. I hope this will be enough light for it to colour up nicely.

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PS, You left a comment on my thread showing my hummel's the other day asking where I got it from, it was from southfields nurseries (cactusland) in lincolnshire. They won't send a large one through the post but they do send smaller ones. I got one last year, about 9" high. Really nice little plant if you was interested in getting one :)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Nikki, in answer to your ? on the other thhread, yes I am fine thanks and trust you are too!!
You have some great plants there, I really like your Hummels. Mine lost the colourful variegation it had last year when young and is now an overall colour. My two big jades have almost finished their annual flowering and look rather colourful themselves.
I will get round to taking some pics of mine and do a thread in the next day or so...I have one day off in the next 11 so goodness knows when that will be!
I agree that family/visitors often don't appreciate my plants either, they think I've lost the plot especially as I grow palms, adeniums, brugs and other tropicalesque stuff.
Weather been crazy up here here today, horizontal snow for 10 hours, no electric in next village, roads near here blocked, but it's freezing now so it'll be ice in the morning no doubt. Last week it was shorts weather, temp 24c in shade and 36c in full sun!!! Mad English weather eh?
Cheers, Gill (from the UK of course!!)

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Hi Steve, I have looked at cactusland before but I have too many plants lol can't order anymore (for now)

No snow here yet Gill .. I wouldn't be surprised to wake up to see London covered in it haha.. I just want the weather to settle so I can put the plants out and have my living room back!

My Hummel has kept more colour this year than previous for some reason.. I did take a few cuttings from it to send to some international friends who were finding it hard to source in their country.

Looking forward to our new shiny Adenium forum.. my babies seem to be doing better now I have repotted and bought a grow light.

Nikki :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi & Wow!

Your plants look super healthy & well grown; especially compact growth, great color variance, really beautiful all, TFS. Don't recall seeing such tight growth very often, kind of impressive.

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