Need potting advice for new camellia...

rachel77(7 TX)July 31, 2005

Okay, so I took the plunge and bought a 5 gallon nuccio's gem. "Gemmy" is about 5 ft tall or so. What do I do now? I've heard that camellias have shallow roots, so do I need a shallower pot than usual? What kind of potting mix do I use? What should I put in the bottom of the pot (ie, shards, etc.)? Do I water so that the soil stays slightly damp? When do I feed him???


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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Every area and every camellia gardener has ones own favorite potting mix. July is not the best time to change the pot or to modify your potting mix. Keep your present plant at a nice location under filtered sunlight. Well diluted fish emulsion and some chelated iron mix solution can be applied in September. Your camellia plant should be very happy in properly fed and properly moisted condition. Then go to locate an expeienced camellia gardener from your local Camellia Society. They should be very happy to give you the tips.

Some gardeners wash off all the old soil and add his own potting mix. Some only washed off 60 to70% of old mix pending the condition of old potting soil.. Usually It is being done in late dormant stage. Commonly very small fir bark is added to the mix to improve air space structure. Forest humus, good compose( not cattle waste nor redwood compose), aged ground peat, good commercial potting mix----etc all can be part of the mix.

If you intend to grow your camellia in the pot, new and better potting mix is must.

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