For those in SW Michigan....

NaturesFolly(West MI 5)July 11, 2012

If you would like to kickstart the raising of Monarchs, I would be glad to share some of the eggs I have. I have one female it seems that comes back to the same 3 plants I have by my pond to lay her eggs. Just drop me a line here. I live just south of GR

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Nature's Folly,
Where are you? I'm in NE Grand Rapids and I've barely seen any Monarchs. I have a few plants in my yard, but there is a small field nearby that is full of common milkweed. I'd love to raise some of your eggs. How should we get in touch? E-mail me and I'll e-mail you.


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NaturesFolly(West MI 5)

Hi Martha, I sent a message thru this site. The Monarchs have been few and far between for me also, but at least I am seeing some. Looking forward to sharing some eggs.... unless they hatch, in that case you will get tiny caterpillars :)

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Just an update. Two of the eggs hatched over night and two others have that grayish, nearly hatched appearance. I'll run out tonight and get fresh milkweed. It's amazing how far those tiny guys can travel!


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NaturesFolly(West MI 5)

Hi there! Yay, I am glad they are hatching well for you. The final 2 eggs of mine hatched last night also. Everyone here seems to be doing well, even that very pale cat I told you I found.. he seems to be eating well and I am cleaning the frass but I wish he would darken up a bit, the black is very thin and the same with the yellow.... could be the temps.. could be something else so he is seperate from everyone else.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Hope you don't mind the updates. 4 cats so far. One took immediately to the swamp milkweed and is now twice the size of the others. One was hanging out on the moist towel, one was on the side of the container, and one was just hanging out on a leaf, not eating. But everyone is crawling just fine. Assume everything is going well, unless you hear otherwise.

Oh, I'm sorry you have trouble with your trumpet vine. They can be very destructive. I saw one yesterday at a patient's home that was incredible! It was growing on the support framework for a windmill, so it was at least 30 get tall. And the thing must have been around for years, because it had a 6 inch woody trunk at the bottom. It was really gorgeous, with thousands of blooms and rich, green foliage, and buzzing with bees and other pollinators. I took pictures with my phone, but the sun was in a bad place and you can't really tell what the pictures are showing. Good luck getting rid of yours.


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