Can this be done with Camellia?

daysquid(7a Annapolis, MD)July 28, 2012

I was hoping to achieve this look in part shade. This is a climbing rose with winter creeper. Do you think I could use a Camellia with winter creeper? Thanks for any thoughts on this as I am new to these forums.

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You may have to choose varieties that are not upright and which tend to spead sideways, like Shi-Shi Gashira, Bonanza, Chansonette, etc. The leaves may be bigger and -maybe- not as dense as the ones in your rose bush picture too so check those two things as well as the amount of sun that the camellia will be exposed to in that location. Sasanquas can handle more sun than japonicas but it still would pay to provide it with afternoon shade, evenly moist soil (no dry cycles followed by moist-dy-moist-etc), acidic soil (will tolerate some alkalinity and you can always amend with garden Sulphur, liquid iron-chelated compounds, etc once or twice a year) and 3-4" of organic mulch.

Note: this time of the year, local stores may not carry a good selection of camellias and mail-order/Internet stores may delay shipping due to the hot conditions at airports and planes. A new crop of selections will arrive "soon" but "soon" will vary widely based on stores, even local ones, but I would say it may occur as early as September-October and as late as November-December. The best local approach may be to bother someone at a local store who can answer when do they expect camellia shipments to start.

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daysquid(7a Annapolis, MD)

Your response is incredibly helpful -- on all fronts. I'm new to gardening and know nothing about camellias. Thank you for providing some key considerations and time to purchase. The density of the leaves might be an issue. If you have any other suggestions on how to achieve this look in part sun/part shade I'd be very interested.

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