Camelia problems

mbscansAugust 18, 2013


We planted 7 Camellias several months ago and over the past month the middle four have been progressively dying despite good watering.

I thought it might be sun scald but it is winter here and the plants are afforded decent shade from midday onwards.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Hello, mbscans. You can still get sunscald in winter. I have noticed this in some of my camellias when the tree that provides shade looses its leaves in winter. The change makes them turn a bronze color but only for a few weeks.

I am not sure if your plants will get adjusted to the change from being in a shade nursery environment to an outside garden quickly. Maybe since this is their first year, they are more sensitive. Perhaps they will adapt in future years. But it would bother me if they are really dying as you say.

If sunscald is indeed the problem, a simple solution would be to provide them with some shade. You can use 35% shade cloth or make any type of contraption that will give them shade using materials you find in the home or garden.

I had to do that once to a hydrangea when a Crape Myrtle lost a few limbs during a summer thunderstorm.

If the problem reoccurs next year and is as bad.worse as this year, I would start thinking about moving them.


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G'day Louis,
The leaves are starting to die from the bottom up though as per the first picture and end up consuming the entire plant. That was the main reason I thought it not sun scalding.

I checked the tree cover as mentioned and we especially chose this area as it does get alot of shade. The plants are North facing so protected in Summer sun but a little more exposed in winter.

In the meantime I will erect a small shade for them until they bett adapt to the sunlight.

Thanks for the advice.



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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

Pull the mulch away from the trunk a bit.

You didn't say anything about feeding them? A few light feedings up until bud set time? Maybe that bark mulch is stealing nutrients and/or not letting enough water penetrate? Gotta be careful of spongy bark mulch.

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