A perfect Redwood.

stanofhMarch 9, 2013

I saw this near downtown Hayward up close and it just blew me away with that dense canopy and girthy trunk. You could almost pet it like it was fur. Anybody have an idea if its a named cultivar?. It also suckered so heavily the owner turned them into a hedge as you can see above the 3 fence.
If you want a Redwood tree this is probably what you would want.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

That is 1 happy Redwood!

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napapen(ca 15)

It needs a good cleaning out from top to bottom so the wind can get through it. Penny

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Most redwoods are growing as a group and so do not get the sun unimpeded as this one does. This accounts for the dense foliage on this tree. I do not think it is a special selection or cultivar. I would guess this tree is about 60 years old. Al

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This looks like gigantea not sempervirens. ??

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

If it is a Coast Redwood, I would say that the tree looks like it has been pillared which might account for the denseness of the foliage. If it is the dry, inland kind then this is probably not the case.

Either way, it amazes me how adaptable to unsuitable situations trees can be.

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Its a Redwood through and through. Its never been topped or pruned..that's the natural beauty.

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I saw a program that said redwoods get much of their water from the cool moist air which allows them to grow so tall. It probably needs as much foliage as it can get to trap water and keep itself healthy. I love redwoods. The ones in the coastal forests have their own eco systems going on up high with special plants and animals living up in the canopies that don't exist anywhere else on Earth.

The LA arboretum has some young ones which they wet down using a sprinkers which shoot water high up at them. If I lived closer to the coast I would plant one.

You have to love these trees being so old and having relatives who have seen the dinosaurs, something we can only dream of.

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Wow! That's amazing!

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