Southern California Mango Growing... HELP!!!!

TuesdaysHeartMarch 21, 2014

I am new to gardening. Very new. I had a couple of mangoes... sprouted the seeds and planted them. I didn't expect anything to happen, but there are two little plants growing. (Adorable little plants.) So, now I'm reaching out to all you experienced gardeners for some advice on how to make my little babies thrive! I don't know anything about root rot, harvesting, idk anything. I have been reading and learning a few things but I don't want to lose my plants. Will they grow fruit and if they do, will it taste good? I don't even remember what kind of mangoes they were but I think they were from equator...

Does anyone have any advice, tips or tricks they'd like to share with a newby?

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they should be fine in the pot for a few months, then transplant to ground if possible. the only problem I had with my mango tree is it had caught a disease(leaves turning rusty color) but one trip to home depot for a $10 disease control spray fixed that right up. this was in an established TREE already though not a sprout so no worries for u. just lots of sun water and care and u should be enjoying mangos by next year or following depending on growth rate.

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Thanks soooo much!

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Thanks soooo much!

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TS91786(9B/Sunset 18)

Hello Tuesday,
I'm not a mango expert (although i have two trees growing - Manila & NDM), but here are some general rules for growing them in So. Cal.
1) Plant them in the warmest (hottest) location in your yard - prefereably a south-facing wall. Be prepared to provide shelter during the ocasional freeze (not sure where you are located)
2) The soil should be ameneded and with good drainage.
3) I would use very little fertilizer for the first couple of years (or use a very mild citrus type at 1/4 the recommended dosage - you don't want to burn the little saplings).
4) Since you grew them from seed, you may not get a tree that will produce same type of fruit you ate (unless it is the Manila variety). It will be years (5+) before the seedlings will produce fruit.
Most Mango trees sold in So. Cal are grafted varieties with the Manila root stock. The Manila mango trees do very well in So. Cal. Other varieties that grow well in So. Cal. are Valencia Pride, Keitt, Kent, NDM, and Alphonso. I'm sure there are others.
Mango trees don't grow as tall or fast in So. Cal as in Florida. No need to worry about getting a monster mango tree from your seedlings. Have fun and enjoy growing you new mango seedlings!

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Everything TS said is true. I would add..ALWAYS protect on freezing nights. Young mangoes cant take it and years of growth can be lost or the whole tree killed. I'm not sure how large before they can take light frost with no damage if not covered. It also might depend on how full of foliage it is...tall isn't everything.

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Thank you both TS and Stanofh.. I appreciate the advice. I just have one question: I am in Los Angeles, when the sun starts to really shine late spring/early summer, will it burn my little babies? Should I shade them?

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You might try painting the proto trunk with a thin wash of white latex paint rather then shading the whole seedling. The white reflects the hot sun,the leaves can still benefit from the warm.

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