Help with Deer problem

NhaMoiAugust 29, 2005


Our camellias have been grazed by the deer, resulting in young leaves & buds being eaten by them. What can we do to keep the deers away? I heard of a product called Plantskydd. Has anyone used this & does it work?



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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Go to Home Depot and buy 6-foot deer fence and T post. Because I have the same situation. A deer family has the same address as mine.

This is the most easy way to prevent deer problem. Deer will eat more than camellia. They also like vegetables and rose.

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We have lots of deer that roam around our neighborhood while it's dark. Once in a while the deer will eat the tender young leaves off the camelias. I purchased black netting from a fabric store and cover the Camelias. I tried green netting, but the black netting is less noticable. I drape the bushes and secure the nets with clip cloths pins. If I have time, I'll remove the nets in the morning. If you should try this and want to leave the nets on the bushes, just remember to check the nets once in a while and move the nets around to dislodge any growth from trying to grow through the net.

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

I heard an interesting home-spun solution from one of the growers here who lives in the country. She puts Irish Spring soap in old panty hose and hangs them on some of the limbs. She swears by it. There may be a post from her on here somewhere, you might search.

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jared_sc(z7b SC)

I think Forrest's comment that Irish Spring soap repels deer may have merit. About two years ago, _Living in South Carolina_, the monthly magazine published by the South Carolina electric cooperatives, ran an article that focused on non-lethal methods of pest control in the garden. That article recommended the use of Irish Spring soap as a deer repellant. Since reading the article, I have been scattering remnants of Irish Spring among the twenty-five, or so, of our camellias that are planted too close to deer territory. I think the Irish Spring has been of some help. At least, I haven't noticed deer damage since I started tossing the soap remnants around the camellias.

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I've found a new product online that is very interesting. It is a camo version of an arificial plant with electric stems. It's at

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Really? deers are very careful about what they eat. Fawn will smell mother's chewing mouth before to nibble. They will smell new plant first before to take a bite. I am not sure the new idea is a sound one.

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They don't have to sniff or eat the thing. It is put around the garden or flower bed like a fence and zaps the animal on the leg when it walks through. Looks pretty cool. They apparently don't jump it because it looks like grass or flowers.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Clever. Hope you have a winning eldge. Some of my camellias are so valuable to myself. I am not taking any chance.

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I know someone who put up a small electric fence around a rose garden. Now the deer will not even touch the roses that grow through the fence. Dogs are great deterrants also.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

We have lots of deer in our neighborhood. Two years ago I bought 2 dozen electric deer fences and that has completely put a stop to deer damage in my yard. It's not really a fence. Each one is a heavy plastic stake that holds two AA batteries. At the top of the stake is a thin wire, and under that is a "smell good" attractant. You put the stake in your bed, and when the deer moves in to investigate that fragrance he/she gets a good zap. They were eating my daylilies to shreds, but decided that they'd rather go somewhere else for dinner. I have to change the batteries once a year, and the little fragrance tabs once a month (or whenever I think of it). There's an internet site called They guarantee them for two years. I had one go bad, and they replaced it, no questions asked. I tried Irish Spring, all kinds of repellents, moths balls, etc. These are better.
Now if only someone could tell me how to get rid of armadillos! (I'm a lousy shot, unfortunately.)

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