Where can I buy small packages of peat moss or any grow.media

qjtrinhApril 5, 2007

Hi All,

Was wondering if any companies/wholesalers sell individually packaged (for 1 small pot) growing media and/or flower seeds?

I'm looking into selling small growing pots that will come with these individually packaged growing media and seeds.

Something like this sounds like it'd have to be custom made... if that's the case, any company names you could tell me would be awesome :)

Please help, thanks in advance!


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You can inquire with Landscape Ontario for leads. They have a large list of greenhouse suppliers.

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Thanks ianna!
This looks like an awesome site to look for more info :D

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I think you can get the small packages at garden centres. I've seen them at Bradford Garden Gallery. I did see that Lee Valley is now selling small wafer size bricks of it. Apparently you just mix it with water and it expands - just like the peat moss bricks. I think they were around $6. Marg

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